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For me perfect working conditions are as following:


  • The client requirements don’t change, only small minor and non-critical changes are allowed.

  • The technology which I use don’t change and only security updates are applied by the dev-ops.

  • Each iteration can reach the planed milestone and the client requirements each time 100% satisfied.

  • Test driven development is a mandatory in the projects without any exceptions.

  • Work in teams with team members always cooperative and nobody play the “blame game”.

But many times the situation quite different, business always wish new features, such work expected to be done in the shortest time possible.
I see my main role in such cases to help to drive this goal to success or be reasonable and use common sense and politely say NO,
I wouldn’t lie that’s such statement isn't easy publically to state , but I prefer to stay honest if a business wish to have a sustainable business model then it’s critical to be honest to each other and be fair.

As professional programmer i believe it’s always reasonable to say that in some cases it’s almost impossible to make a legacy project meet all planned features on time or even keep it alive and running.

  • Even more when team work on new project, they should always ask themselves, does really what we discussing valuable for our client or product owner, what are the most important features for the project success?

  • Do we actually have all needed expertise to create such product?

  • What our backup strategy if something goes wrong?

  • How we plan to manage a technical debt?

Answers to those questions must be always in the minds of your developers, solutions not always arrive as straight answers, many times you build prototype and present it to the client and evaluate how client react to it and then you improve the product.

In legacy projects that’s even more difficult, because it’s not clear what actual requirements are, developers are not available and there no actual documentation about the project itself, sure in some cases you have good documentation and developers to whom you can speak , but even then it’s hard to work at such project, because if one or many business process did changed, but code itself which represent those business process not changed you have real problem.



Solution is: to speak with responsible people in the project and figure out what is critical and wants just a secondary and then refactor the code and test it , refactor code and test it.
Dear Client, if you will work with me, then I make sure that your software project will improve with time and developers will stay productive and deliver real quality.





Why I love to be a ceo of family run business company?

  • I prefer to keep myself always challenged by the technology and be honest about my estimates. 

  • I have experience both in the backend and at frontend software development, the working experience which i have would not be possible due to limitations of typical it employee, which normal work in one type of tech field.

I prefer to work and evaluate outside of the "process" and preserve my own opinion about:

  • Quality of the work.

  • Feature completness of the developed product.

  • Process workflow.

  • Estimates about how fast i can successfully finish work.


My big value for the client is honesty and efficiency of the way how I do my work, but dear visitor in order to fully understand this you need to see me in action.




The goal of my personal website ?

  1. I need a place on the internet where my clients can easily and fast reach me and my company out.
  2. I need a place where i can post interesting stuff in some sort organized way and I want centralized all my previous public articles, blogs
  3. This site represents me and my company for what i standing for: my principles and my professionalism.

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