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Questions for hackathon organizer/s !

before the event:

(prior to this interview you should read some information about domain of the company, find like stats, and research paper/s which you can on the next interview on the challenger hackathon challenge)


  • Is this your first event?

  • How many event participants you expect?

  • How many participants are already registered for the event?

  • How you group and manage teams which would participate in hackathon?

  • In the case when somebody not find a team, is it allowed to make a one man show?

  • Is it possible during first day to change team or even hackathon challenge?

  • How much time my team can get with 1 to 1 meeting with challenger?

  • Is it possible to interview the challenger before actual hackthon happens?

  • How high the prize of winning hackathon?

  • What if somebody in my team decide not to participate at hackathon on the 2end or 3rd day, are we still allowed to participate as 2 member’s team?

  • Why some challenges very vague?

  • What kind of equipment we would get during a hackathon, cloud services?

  • Does we get any pizza, McDonalds, burger king vouchers?

  • How much the challenger itself would be able to support my team, if my team would work on solution how much the challenger can influence it?

  • Would we be able to call the challenger per telephone during this event?

  • What about intellectual property rights, who will own our team solution?

If you hear vague answers, tell them that your team have a right for exclusive IP rights of the developed solution and the challenger should be informed about that.

(If you really would solve the problem of the challenger it means they making money with your solution , what about you and your team?)

  • How much time will you get for the actual presentation of the team solution?

  • Who will review the team solution, and can your team get a written official feedback of the provided solution during hackathon?

  • Probably the event organizer says no, but you should try it anyway, if the challenger give you such review, than you can use it later when you apply at theirs company! During hackathon other events would happen?

  • Things like company presentations, technologies vendor workshops etc. ?

Ask event organizer about if you would have an opportunity to make a really short presentation about yourself (if you already a startup) it is good always to advertise and hackathon is perfect advertisement opportunity.

Almost final question for even organizers about sleep , are we get like hotel rooms or we can sleep at event location, food normally already solved, but the spaces for sleeping can be limited.

Final question, how good the location can be reached with public transport are the any parking places?

Normally event organizers pick good places, but it depends and yours "milage" can be quite different, so

this is why you should ask them all mentioned questions prior to the event!


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