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Alexander Orlovsky at Zollhof hackathon













It is time for me to think about my past experiences in the hackathons
in which i participated and explain why you should ask questions during hackathon!


What I am about today to present you would help you during your hackathon.

First let’s think what a hackathon really is:

Hackathon is a hidden recruiting event, yes it is a recruiting event!

Many companies find this a cheap way to hire developers or contractors,
because they would interact and see how possible candidates work and deal with stress.
I understood it completely after my 3rd hackathon round.

Who participate at hackathons?

well there different kind of people, most fresh graduate or students, job seekers and people like me who wants to be challenged (senior full stack developers, CEO). Usually it’s a 2 to 3 day event with a lot of different activities, enough to time to establish new contact and see people in action.


Big tech companies use it as advertisement opportunity

and to make some business deals with new fresh startups.
How its structured , well chaotic in nature , many times you don’t know at which challenge you would work and who will be your team members.
Team building is crucial for success in hackathon, read this article about how to win a hackathon.

In my article I will write what should you ask the challenge giver and hackathon organizer before, during and of course after a hackathon.

So let’s begin!

First of all let’s look at hackathon organizer who are they, what they motivation for organizing such event?


Finally, I presented here all questions before and during hackathon.
Now you need to take this into your consideration and think for a moment.


One part about what to do next after hackathon is done: If you worked with non-known to you people ask them politely what they liked and disliked about you during the hackathon.

If you already knew them, then ask them what we can do better next time , ha ha yes as strong agile workflow believer I see that a honest feedback always needed ;-)


Don’t forget to thank challenger for the time and effort and try to get theirs contact information and even try to schedule a meeting (ask them politely).

If they showed a interest in you as person or in your team, that you already won a hackathon!

Did I mention, that hackathon is hidden recruiting event? ;)


Have a lot of fun and enjoy the experiance!

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