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Pyramide from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri pc game
Pyramide from Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri pc game









Orlovsky Consulting GbR hiring procedures

  1. You should have a german citizenship or a permanent EU visa which would allow you to permit work and living in Germany.

  2. If you apply for a programmer job position, then I expect that you already have some examples of your work on github.

  3. I do tech interview only in pairprogramming style, where we both sitting in front of computer screen with one keyboard and each of us write and think in code!

  4. On this page you will see open job positions from Orlovsky Consulting GbR or our partners and clients , which did allowed to reference theirs open job positions.

  5. We  would offer here some freelance jobs/contracts, which other freelancers can take  with us or speak directly to a client/s which recommended or connected directly with Orlovsky Consulting GbR.

  6. If you directly apply for Orlovsky Consulting GbR job positions send only your CV (we dont need the open letter), provide information of your past works , some examples on your github or other version source control sites.

  7. If you are a student or currently unemployed , then we at Orlovsky Consulting GbR even consider offering a part time paid jobs, see available job posting on this page!

Currently Available job positions:  not available!

Please don't send your resumes to us!

Send you resumes only, if you see any new job positions at this page!

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